Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another Disneyland Trip....

Doesn't my girl look so happy to be at Disneyland? We are on the "Finding Nemo" ride and I think she wasn't too happy about the cramped space.

Check out my friend Jessica here on the teacups. Her two little girls are with her and they had a blast. I passed on this ride....for Kamryn's sake, of course.


Jarom & Melissa said...


I feel your pain. I wouldn't enjoy a day at Disneyland either.

Uncle Jerry

PS- Jason and Amy, nice layout. I thought I had gone to the wrong page for a second. How festive.

Jarom & Melissa said...

BTW, I LOVE the snot Kamryn has going on in the Finding Nemo ride. Click on the picture to see it!

I seriously got a good laugh at that one.