Sunday, October 29, 2006

Blessing Day and Halloween

Here is Kamryn in her Halloween costume. I took her to California Adventure for a Halloween party type thing and I had a random woman come up to me and ask if she could take a picture of Kamryn. She was the hit of the night.....but that's just her Mommy talking. :-)

Here is Kamryn in her blessing dress that her Grandma Riley made for her. Doesn't she look adorable? And she didn't cry during the blessing. We were so relieved. Jason gave a beautiful blessing. It was a very special day for a very special girl.

Here we are at Jason's parents house for the luncheon that was following the blessing. It was a very special day with a lot of special people that were there to share it with us.

Is she Daddy's little girl or what? :-) Posted by Picasa


Steph said...

Love the Halloween costume! So cute! It sounds like you guys had tons of fun for Halloween! Diego was a jack-o-lantern. We were going to make him a superhero, but had this one already from my mom. He wore it as he slept through the ward Halloween party. Maybe next year he can be a supperhero and stay awake!