Monday, June 30, 2008

Finishing up the Utah Trip!

After the wedding festivities were over, Jason and I spent a couple more days in Utah with both our families. We had a great time and SO wished we could have more time up there to be with family and see some friends. But time was limited. So, we just enjoyed the time we did have and tried to make the most of it. Kamryn just loved hanging out with her cousins. Here she is just chillin', watching some tube with her cousin David. These two have a very special relationship and are very close! They have a great time together.

Here's Jason on his laptop with Kamryn, Ellie and David. Not too sure what they are watching here. Probably something on Playhouse Disney....

Jason and I love this picture. It just epitomizes the relationship Kamryn has with her Uncle Dave (or should I say, the relationship he has with all his nieces and nephews). FUN!! We went to a water pad at the outdoor mall in Utah in Salt Lake and Jason and myself both failed to get Kamryn out and enjoying the water. Of course, we didn't have our bathing suits so we weren't quite as willing to get out right in the middle of it. But my brother-in-law, Dave was ready to go and he took Kamryn out and she had a GREAT time. She just couldn't get enough of it and was sad when it was time to go (until she realized we were having pizza for dinner).

We spent the last day or so with Jason's family and had a great time. Jason's Dad took us for a drive in the close-by mountains and it was gorgeous. His parents live in Santaquin and they live in a beautiful area and have quite the view.
I'll put some more pictures of that up later.

I'm sure you all know now about Jason's sister who wrote the children's book, "Cool Daddy Rat." Well, Kamryn is obsessed with that book and has a lot of it memorized. So she and Kristyn sat down and read her book together. Then Kristyn busted out her new book, "Bedtime at the Swamp," which comes out in July. She read that one to Kamryn and again, Kamryn loved it. Especially the catchy phrase "Splish Splash rumba rumba bim Bam BOOM!" Kamryn just kept repeating it and wanted Kristyn to read it over and over again. It was a special moment for them and for us. We can't wait to give Kamryn that book for her birthday.

Friday, June 27, 2008

This one's for Aaron....

What is the role of a bunch of the groom's buddies at the wedding? Taking the time to trash your car in the most respectable way possible. And always the oreos....who came up with the idea to waste edible items on a car? Seems wrong and I don't even like oreos.

Here is my brother Jeremy, holding the keys to the car...but Aaron, please note, he had nothing to do with the trashing of your car. He just didn't stop your friends from going for it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More pictures from the wedding of the year! :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My little brother got hitched!

So, the main reason for our trip to Utah was to attend the sealing of my little brother, Aaron and his now new wife, Whitney. The night before the wedding, we had the wedding/rehearsal dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Jason wasn't flying in until the next morning so I had Kamryn on my own. Now, it's not like I can't handle her on my own, but that night I felt like I couldn't. She was just not in the mood to sit in a room for a couple hours through introductions and eating and such...which I don't blame her. But she is not quiet about her, having her in timeout, screaming at the top of her lungs in a quiet building like that...well, you get the pictures. But there were some good parts of the night. Like the food and the company and me being able to sing a song while Aaron played the guitar for me. Overall, it was nice to be with family celebrating my brother and his future wife.

The next afternoon was the ceremony and it was very special. The sealer knew our Dad which was a big deal to our family. The new couple are very happy and overall, it was a happy occasion and we all had a wonderful time. Here are some pictures of them coming out of the temple and one very cute one of Aaron giving my Mom a little kiss on the cheek. Too cute! (Yes, the picture is "cute" enough to warrant such cheesy commentary). I'll post some more pictures later of the reception.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A quick intro to "the vacation"

I don't have a picture of the first major event, which most of you will appreciate. Kamryn and I drove up last Monday with my sister and her family. (Jason had to fly up later because he couldn't miss his business class). Anyhow, the trip was going pretty smoothly until we hit St. George. We stopped for a late dinner at Ruby Tuesday and I knew that in order to keep Kamryn from running around everywhere and causing chaos I would need to keep her busy with food. So, I ordered a burger with French Fries and Kamryn had at them (and the ketchup). Maybe not the best idea. As we headed off that evening for the rest of her trip, Kamryn was having a hard time falling asleep. I could tell she wanted to sleep and she would have moments where she would for a few minutes or so, but she kept waking up crying. So, I finally gave her some Tylenol to see if that might calm her down and about 5 seconds after giving her that, it all came up and it wasn't pleasant. I had to clean it up as best I could with a towel we had in the car and baby wipes....obviously it didn't take away the smell. Gratefully though, she fell right asleep soon after she relieved herself and it was a peaceful trip from then on....though smelly to say the least. I worried this wasn't an omen about how the trip would continue...and luckily it only partly was. :-) I was just grateful that it wasn't a major stomach flu bug or anything. The next day, at my Mom's house, she was happy and healthy as can be and she was so excited to be with her cousins.
P.S. I just re-read the story and I will apologize to all who get stuck reading it...but for documenting purposes, it stays.

Before I get to our travelogue...

I just had to post this picture of Kamryn and I with Goofy. I love Goofy and I thought it was about time Kamryn met Goofy instead of Mickey. She's met Mickey many a times so I thought she needed a change of pace. Well, I discovered I picked the wrong character to meet. Pluto was taking pictures close to Goofy and when she saw him she wanted out of the line (which we were close to the front at that point) and get in the other line which was long and I didn't want to move to. So, she wasn't quite as excited as I hoped but we got the picture.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I have a second job...

Besides being a Mommy and a wife, I have another job and I feel like tonight, it has overtaken my life. I just got home from being out of town for my brother's wedding and the first thing I did after putting Kamryn to bed, was of course, do my usual blog updates. When I went to my google reader to check up on those who have updated their blogs, my eyes went blurry as I saw the over 40 (but what felt like thousands) of blog updates. I felt like I have been going through them now forever and I still have 33 more updates to go. Seriously, this has gotten out of control. So, I have decided I either don't go on anymore vacations....or I just have to let some of you blog friends go. Okay, who am I kidding....I won't do that either. But let's just say, you won't be getting a blog update on my vacation for a few more days at least. I can only do so much at once! :-) Plus, all I want to do right now is sit on my bed, eat pistachios and watch "Gilmore Girls" reruns.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A visit from some good friends!

Jason's best friend, Jarom Guthrie, came down for a visit last weekend with his wife, Melissa, and their new baby boy, Bryson. We were so excited to get to meet this adorable baby boy and spend time with Jarom and Melissa. Kamryn was able to hold their baby, so that was a first for her. She was so cute holding him and she was just in awe of this little thing she was holding in her arms. Hopefully, she'll have a sibling to hold soon but it's clear to me now that we are on the Lords time. But she loved holding Bryson and we loved having them all here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's been awhile since the last here we go.

I was tagged by my sister-in-law and it seems like this one is simple enough, so here we go....


A- Attached or single: Extremely attached and have been for over 4 years now!

B- Best Friend(s): Jason
C- Cake or Pie: to be honest, neither. I could refuse both easily
D- Day of choice: Saturday
E- Essential Item: a hair band or clippy
F- Favorite Color: Red
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Bears
H- Hometown: Tustin, CA
I- Indulgence(s): anything Disney
J- January or July: July
K- Kids: 1 gorgeous red headed girl
L- Life is Incomplete Without: the gospel
M- Marriage Date: May 8, 2004
N- Number of Siblings: 3 brothers and 2 sisters
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges (even though I hate peeling them)
P- Phobias or Fears: Fear of Heights and small confined spaces
Q- Quotes: That's what she said...
R- Reason To Smile: Have you met my husband and daughter???
S- Season: just feels like its time to play!
T- Tag Three : My tags in the past have proven unsuccessful, so no thank you
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I'm an open book...if you don't know everything about me then you're not trying hard enough. :-)
V- Vegetarian or Meat Eater: it sounds so crude, but I can't live without an In-n-Out Cheeseburger....animal style
W- Worst Habit: TV.....DVR has ruined me
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasound
Y- Your Favorite Food: Did I already mention the In-n-out cheesburger, animal tomato
Z- Zodiac: Virgo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I swear...this will be the last Disneyland entry for awhile!

How could I pass up not posting these pictures! I had a great time going last week with Stephanie and Diego and then meeting up with my sister and her kids. We all had a ton of fun!

I went this week with Stephanie and Diego again and we met up with our friend Collette and her son Mason. It was a lot more crowded that day so we're definitely going to go on a "break" from Disneyland. At least until the summer is over.

Monday, June 09, 2008

A glimpse into her future

Of course, once I brought out the video camera she got a little distracted from what she was doing, but I caught some of her reading to herself. I love these kinds of moments...especially when it is someone she just started to doing on her own. I can only hope this habit keeps up for years and years!!! Just like her Mommy!! :-) (Don't worry...Jason is the first to admit that he's not much of a reader).

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's the little moments that make me stop and smile!

It is the simple moments like these, that make me realize how blessed I am. I have an amazing and supportive husband who loves me with all his heart and a beautiful little girl who reminds me everyday to enjoy life and all that God has given me. I definitely have my struggles and trials, but looking at something like this picture makes me realize that I need not dwell on what I don't have..but what I do have. And for that, I thank God every day.

No one mourns the WICKED!!

I am blessed to have some wonderful friends. Jason and I have some good friends, Ron and Karissa Silagyi, who seriously do sooo much for us. They have bought us dinner, signed us into Disneyland multiple times, and just last Thursday night, Karissa took me with her to go see our favorite show, Wicked, compliments of her husband Ron. I was soo excited and the evening was awesome. Besides our dislike for the actor who played Fiyero, we loved the rest of it and had such a great time hanging out that night. Thanks again Silagyi family! You guys are awesome! We owe you big time! :-)