Monday, June 30, 2008

Finishing up the Utah Trip!

After the wedding festivities were over, Jason and I spent a couple more days in Utah with both our families. We had a great time and SO wished we could have more time up there to be with family and see some friends. But time was limited. So, we just enjoyed the time we did have and tried to make the most of it. Kamryn just loved hanging out with her cousins. Here she is just chillin', watching some tube with her cousin David. These two have a very special relationship and are very close! They have a great time together.

Here's Jason on his laptop with Kamryn, Ellie and David. Not too sure what they are watching here. Probably something on Playhouse Disney....

Jason and I love this picture. It just epitomizes the relationship Kamryn has with her Uncle Dave (or should I say, the relationship he has with all his nieces and nephews). FUN!! We went to a water pad at the outdoor mall in Utah in Salt Lake and Jason and myself both failed to get Kamryn out and enjoying the water. Of course, we didn't have our bathing suits so we weren't quite as willing to get out right in the middle of it. But my brother-in-law, Dave was ready to go and he took Kamryn out and she had a GREAT time. She just couldn't get enough of it and was sad when it was time to go (until she realized we were having pizza for dinner).

We spent the last day or so with Jason's family and had a great time. Jason's Dad took us for a drive in the close-by mountains and it was gorgeous. His parents live in Santaquin and they live in a beautiful area and have quite the view.
I'll put some more pictures of that up later.

I'm sure you all know now about Jason's sister who wrote the children's book, "Cool Daddy Rat." Well, Kamryn is obsessed with that book and has a lot of it memorized. So she and Kristyn sat down and read her book together. Then Kristyn busted out her new book, "Bedtime at the Swamp," which comes out in July. She read that one to Kamryn and again, Kamryn loved it. Especially the catchy phrase "Splish Splash rumba rumba bim Bam BOOM!" Kamryn just kept repeating it and wanted Kristyn to read it over and over again. It was a special moment for them and for us. We can't wait to give Kamryn that book for her birthday.


Jenn said...

how long was your drive with a toodler. I want to make the drive, but I just don't know if I can do it. It looks like you had a fab time, we are happy your back.

Amy said...

Well, we left my house around 2pm or so and arrived in Utah after 2am in the morning. But we could have gotten there at least an hour or so before that...but we stopped for dinner at a restaurant and had some extremely slow service and a screwed up check. So,that took some time off. But I've gone to Utah with Kamryn around 5 times now and she is a GREAT traveler!