Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A quick intro to "the vacation"

I don't have a picture of the first major event, which most of you will appreciate. Kamryn and I drove up last Monday with my sister and her family. (Jason had to fly up later because he couldn't miss his business class). Anyhow, the trip was going pretty smoothly until we hit St. George. We stopped for a late dinner at Ruby Tuesday and I knew that in order to keep Kamryn from running around everywhere and causing chaos I would need to keep her busy with food. So, I ordered a burger with French Fries and Kamryn had at them (and the ketchup). Maybe not the best idea. As we headed off that evening for the rest of her trip, Kamryn was having a hard time falling asleep. I could tell she wanted to sleep and she would have moments where she would for a few minutes or so, but she kept waking up crying. So, I finally gave her some Tylenol to see if that might calm her down and about 5 seconds after giving her that, it all came up and it wasn't pleasant. I had to clean it up as best I could with a towel we had in the car and baby wipes....obviously it didn't take away the smell. Gratefully though, she fell right asleep soon after she relieved herself and it was a peaceful trip from then on....though smelly to say the least. I worried this wasn't an omen about how the trip would continue...and luckily it only partly was. :-) I was just grateful that it wasn't a major stomach flu bug or anything. The next day, at my Mom's house, she was happy and healthy as can be and she was so excited to be with her cousins.
P.S. I just re-read the story and I will apologize to all who get stuck reading it...but for documenting purposes, it stays.