Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No one mourns the WICKED!!

I am blessed to have some wonderful friends. Jason and I have some good friends, Ron and Karissa Silagyi, who seriously do sooo much for us. They have bought us dinner, signed us into Disneyland multiple times, and just last Thursday night, Karissa took me with her to go see our favorite show, Wicked, compliments of her husband Ron. I was soo excited and the evening was awesome. Besides our dislike for the actor who played Fiyero, we loved the rest of it and had such a great time hanging out that night. Thanks again Silagyi family! You guys are awesome! We owe you big time! :-)


Steph said...

I can't believe I forgot to ask you about Wicked!!!! Was it even better than the first time? I am sooo jealous. I hope you had a blast!

Amy said...

I liked the Elpheba a lot more than the last one I saw and everyone else was way good too, except for the Fiyero. He wasn't terrible, but just didn't have the kind of voice I like. But it was still wonderful!! I think my favorite scene was the "No Good Deed" song. It was amazing!

michelle taggart said...

what a fun girls night out on the town!! i need to see that play! everybody swears by it.