Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I got tagged again...

Well, I've been out of town since last Wednesday, and I'm catching up on everyone's blogs. I got my cousin's blog...(weird to say, since first she was my friend in Tustin, and now, through marriage, we are cousins) and well, I've been tagged again. This one looks fun, so here I go.

Four jobs I've had:

1. Drive-Thru Queen at In-n-Out
2. Shift Leader at Rubios in Provo
3. Student Accounts Asst. Manager at Claremont Graduate University
4. Current Profession: MOM!!

Four places I've lived:

1. Tustin, CA (hometown)
2. Rexburg, ID (only for school....never again)
3. Provo, UT (ditto)
4. Upland, CA (current residence)

Four movies that I love:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean (The First one...even though I do like the other ones)
2. Beauty and the Beast (hands down, best Disney flick)
3. Singing in the Rain
4. My Blue Heaven (Steve Martin at his finest)

There are many more, but these are the first few that came to my head...

Four favorite foods:

1. In-n-Out Cheeseburger, Animal Style, with no tomato
2. Fish Tacos (except for the ones at Baja Fresh...those are no good)
3. Popcorn (more salt, less butter)
4. Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil...with the Rosemary bread at Johnny Carinos. Oh my gosh, SOO GOOD!

Four weird things about me:

1. I eat a piece of bread specifically. First, eat the crust. Second, fold the bread over four times. Third, bite off the edges. At this point, I have made four smaller pieces of bread...then I eat them one at a time.
2. I'm terrified of driving by center dividers on the freeway, and semis.
3. I hate wearing socks
4. I'm not a big fan of chocolate..and I HATE fudge. (my husband thinks that is very weird)

Four favorite TV shows

Umm...I guess I will go with current shows. If I added past shows, it would be a different list.

1. The Office
2. Lost
3. Iron Chef America
4. Supernanny
5. I just have to throw in "Runs House." That family has it together and they seriously make me laugh.

Four places I'd love to go

1. New Zealand
2. Italy
3. Visit all the Church Sites
4. Florida....one day I'll get to Walt Disney World

I think I will tag...my sister-in-law, Mary, and Melissa Guthrie (Jarom, you can too if you want)


barefootbex said...

Hey, did you ever notice that the white house in my Christmas pictures is your great grandpa's? Or something like that. It's in your family.