Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I guess it doesn't matter if I drink my V8

If you look closely, you will notice that my right hip is about a half an inch lower than my left. The reason? I have a gimpy leg. I now prefer to be called hip-hop. The solution? I now wear a 1/4 inch lift in my right shoe to balance myself out. Why did I go to the Chiropractor and get these x-rays? Let's just say I like to play golf, and I do swing fairly hard, and I think my overly aggressive swing finally caught up with me. At the driving range last week, I had hit about five balls when I got the most painful stabbing feeling in my lower right back and side just below my ribs. I'm still very tender in that area, and, needless to say, Golf is off the table for a bit. What makes it worse is that Amy just bought me a new driver for my birthday and I have had the chance to use it only one time, and now it will have to collect dust until I'm healed. What a waste.

The last picture shows why it is that I can crack my neck at will. Okay, I don't see it, but apparently a few of the vertebrae are too close together because my spine curves more than average as it goes up toward my very large noggin. Perhaps the weight of my huge brain is weighing down on my spine? That's my theory, and it could be easily argued, just look at the results of the big head competition on Rachel's blog.

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Land Family said...

Whose are these, I don't get it

Land Family said...

thanks for the clarification. Ah the tragedy of having such an enormous cranium. So sorry.

Jason, Amy & Kamryn said...

Yes, having a large brain can be a pain in the neck sometimes. And the winner of the worst pun ever contest is... me.

Janelle said...

Well, I can crack my neck at will too. And I once had a dr tell me I had a similar situation with my neck. He said I should probably get some physical therapy on it, which I never did. So I guess big, in the family!