Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Re-living my 30th!

Now that I'm feeling a tad bit better, I thought I'd slowly start catching up on the last couple of months events. The first beginning with my 30th birthday celebrations. My wonderful husband planned two surprise events: one with friends from my ward and the other with some family at Claim Jumper.

It was awesome to have some of my good friends around to celebrate my special day. Thanks Teresa, for letting us party at your house.

Thanks Karissa for making such fabulous cupcakes and taking the time to decorate them all so wonderfully. If you guys look closely, you'll see a Disney cupcake, a music cupcake, a "Wicked" cupcake, and a Lakers and Angels cupcake! She knows all my favorite things! It was awesome. Thanks Jason for getting my friends together, buying everyone pizza and making this such a special night.

And thanks to my family for also celebrating with me. A special thanks goes out to Aaron and Whitney, who took time out of their day at Disneyland to celebrate with me. That meant a lot guys! Love you all and thanks to everyone who made my birthday rock!


Jarom and Melissa said...

Happy late B-day. Glad to see you back.


Dan and Nichole said...

Yeah!!! you're back! I'm glad you are feeling better.

Jarom and Melissa said...

Glad you're starting to feel better, and glad you had a fun birthday. Happy belated birthday. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy! You're more than a third of the way through!
-- Melissa