Saturday, November 10, 2007

What happens in Vegas.....

Of course, I have nothing to hide about what happened in Vegas. :-) I went to celebrate my friend, Kim Eshenroder's, wedding. She was my roommate at Ricks and we have been close friends ever since. With the help of some good friends at home and my husband I was able to leave Kamryn at home so that I could attend all the wonderful events of the weekend. I stayed with my cousin in Henderson which was nice. All of my other friends had to pay to stay in a hotel, so that was really nice to have family around. Here are some pictures outside the Vegas Temple with my friends and of the happy couple.

How cute is this family. These are my friends, Darin and Jenn Warnick and their beautiful daughter, Ivy. She is three months old.

The happy couple...John and Kim Bowman


Steph said...

Wow I just had de ja vu. I remember your old friends. You all look hot! How cool that you have such a big group of girls that have stayed in touch. That must be fun.

Jarom & Melissa said...

So now that Amy goes on a mini vacation about once a month (or at least it seems that way) can't Jason come up to Utah and hang out too?

Pretty please????