Friday, February 22, 2008

Counting and Singing!

Okay, so she isn't exactly counting, but she sure believes she is. She uses actual numbers, just not in the proper order. We just had to show her new "sort of" achievement."

In this next video, she shows off her itsy, bitsy skills. I put "singing" in the title, but unfortunately, Kamryn has yet to show off her vocal abilities. So I am the one doing the singing. She does, however, have the hand actions down and she loves cheering herself on.


Heath'e' said...

Tag, your it. Go to my blog to see instructions. Oh and do the tag you haven't already done yet, you don't have to do both.

And Kamryn is SOO cute!

Heath'e' said...

I knew you would be an easy sell! I tagged you because I knew you'd do it and enjoy it like me, and tagged Jess to get something new on her blog hehe! ;)

Silvestre Family said...

She is super cute! I cannot wait for Bella to do things like that.

Jarom & Melissa said...

Hah- I just want to chew on her arm or something. I can't believe how big she is. SO cute. I cracked up to see how she was just waiting for the "...washed the spider out" part.


Jarom & Melissa said...

I love that Kamryn tries to count already. She'll get her number sense down soon enough. I also love the "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" video. She's becoming quite the performer. American Idol anyone?
-- Melissa

Michael said...

Katelyn and Lockton wanted to see this video again today, they call it the "two three two" video. She is so cute!!!!