Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just to show why he's my favorite....

Earlier, I posted that my favorite American Idol contestant was David Cook. After last night, I decided to just do one more post about this guy and just show his awesome performances. So enjoy! Oh, and I apologize for all the nonsense before and after the singing and I apologize for Randy and Paula's lame comments. I'm not a big fan of all the fluff surrounding the actual performances, but its a sacrifice I make in order to watch great singers like this guy. (And please, for those who can't stand this show and think I'm lame for even posting gentle. I don't want to have to get ugly with you). :-)

Last nights performance of "Billy Jean:"

Performance of "Hello:"

Performance of "Eleanor Rigby:"


Amy said...

For those who checked this blog earlier and had no success with the links, they should be working now. YouTube went all copyright on us.

Steph said...

Ah American Idol! This guy is pretty awesome! Great sound, great voice, could use a little style advice, but overall pretty fantastic. There seems to be a good group of singers this season...much better than last season in my opinion.