Monday, March 24, 2008

A Wedding and a Reunion

So Saturday was quite a busy day. My cousin, Nic Hess (on my Dad's side) got married at 1pm in Escondido, CA which made for a nice little drive. Luckily, we had someone watching Kamryn so we didn't have to worry about her while we were at this lovely, but very hot and long wedding. The wedding and reception were outside and it happened to be a hot day in So Cal. It didn't help that I wasn't feeling well already so I think I had a fever adding to the heat. But it was worth it to witness my cousin, Nic and Cheyenne getting married. Check out the happy couple!

Well, we weren't able to stay for the whole reception because some friends from my old stake had planned a reunion for those from the "Love Fest" generation...which was quite a span of years. "Love Fest" was a party the kids from our stake would put on and we would invite members and non-members alike to join in some fun festivities and we made it a point that no alcohol or smoking would be allowed. Any kids who tried to sneak that crap in was immediately escorted out, but usually there was no problem since most kids enjoyed our sober parties.

Anyhow, this reunion was at the Holiday Skate Rink in Orange. This is a classic location since we all grew up having school parties and such there. I was quite impressed with the turn out and I was able to see many old friends. Jason even saw a lot of his cousins there since I grew up with them in the same stake. So we enjoyed ourselves immensely and I want to thank Heather and Megan for planning such a great event! I hope we keep this tradition going. And I'm pretty annoyed that I didn't bring my camera out and snap some shots.

As I finish writing this, I realize that especially without pictures, most of you aren't really going to care about this lengthy, journal type entry. So I apologize. More interesting blogs are on their way.


Dan & Nichole said...

I wish we could have gone! I am so bummed that we live so far away!!

Amy said...

We missed you guys too. Jason missed Dan...we haven't seen you guys since your wedding. It really has been way too long.