Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I figured most of you were tired of looking at ultrasound pictures being that most of them look more like an alien than a baby. So, I'm finally gettin' around to posting some Thanksgiving pictures. We spent it in Arizona with my brother Jeremy and his family, my brother Aaron and his wife Whitney, and my Mom. We had such a fantastic time. I am blessed with sister in laws who can really cook. :-)

Our wonderful hosts! Thanks Jeremy and Mary for hosting such a wonderful weekend!

Aaron and Whitney intently working on baking a scrumptious Apple Pie. Seriously, one of the best I've ever had.

Some of us gathered at the beautifully decorated table. Such good eats too!

Kamryn has slept through her past two Thanksgivings. She pretty much slept through this one also but was able to join us right at the end. Of course, she wouldn't try anything.


Anonymous said...

We want to see your baby bump in the pictures since we never get to see you !! No more head shots!

Amy said...

I've just now gotten a small baby bump and you can only see it in certain outfits, but I'll work on that picture for you....whoever you are. Hopefully someone I know.

Jarom and Melissa said...

Glad you had a fun Thanksgiving. So funny that she wouldn't try anything. That girl definitely knows what she does and does not want from life. I agree with annonymous, we want to see your pregnant belly, but we'll wait until you can get around to it. I remember balancing a water bottle on your stomach the night before Kamryn was born. Too funny. Hope you're starting to feel better.
-- Melissa

Kathy said...

Hey, it looks like the chinese calendar was right, you're having a boy. Congratulations! Let's get together,we'll be in town for Christmas