Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Arizona, Part I cont....

After dinner at Pinnacle Peak, we went to a Train Park. We learned quickly that this was an extremely popular park, especially on a Saturday night during the holidays, because the line to go on the big train was 2 hours long. It was freezing outside too, so we decided to opt for sanity and not wait for the train. However, there was a smaller train and the line was a lot smaller too so we did wait the half hour or so for that one. I know my niece and nephew had a great time on the train, and I probably would have too...except that my face was frozen and Kamryn kept trying to get up from her seat because she was not enjoying the train at all.
But she enjoyed everything else about the park. She loved the lights and random characters they had walking around. And she loved spending time with her cousins and Aunt and Uncle. And so did was a wonderful Saturday night!