Monday, December 10, 2007

The Wedding Ring Miracle!!!

Yesterday on the way to church, I realized that my wedding ring was not on my hand. I didn't panic right away, since I figured maybe I had taken it off when I put on lotion earlier that morning (even though, I didn't remember doing that). So, I made it through church and when I got home, I went right to my bathroom sink, figuring it would be sitting there. Well, it wasn't and it wasn't anywhere around me. So, THEN I went into panic mode. Jason and I both said prayers and really started looking.
Jason and I went on a hunt, overturning every cushion, looking under every piece of furniture bathroom/kitchen fixtures. We even tried to look down drains and dig through trash. I figured that what had happened was that it had slipped off my finger somewhere in the house, since I could have sworn I had it on the night before at our Ward Christmas Party. (My fingers shrink in the cold and my ring always feels loose, so it had slipped off somewhere from the apartment to the car, was my best guess) Jason searched both cars, I looked all around the bed....NOTHING. To top it all off, I was feeling guilty because Jason was needing to study for finals but he knew how upset I was so he kept searching. I finally went to bed at 12:30am and I don't even know when Jason went to bed.
The next morning, Jason woke me up and was acting really strange, like he was nervous or excited or something. He started to tell me how much he loved me and what a great wife and mother I was. Then he said, "If I were to find your ring, would you marry me again?" I just looked at him, said "yes" of course and then he smiled and pulled out the ring. I felt like we were getting engaged all over again and I started crying. I was sooo excited that he had found the ring. He said he had left for work and was walking to the car when he looked down and BAM, next to the tire of our neighbors car was the ring. He just looked down and there it was. Talk about an answer to our prayers. I had been getting frustrated the night before that after we prayed we couldn't find it right away, but Jason so sweetly reminded me that it was in the Lord's time. He was right, of course. I will never let that ring out of my sight I think downsizing may be the next step. I still can't believe it just slipped right off my finger.


Anonymous said...

I see a new Church/ Ensign/ Mormon/ Deseret Book/ Christmas Story sometime on the horizon...I say publish as one of those stories in the back of the Ensign...classic.

P.S. Throw in a good "loose your camera story" too.

Love, Big Brother

SPENCERS said...

I'm so glad you found your ring. I know what that's like--terrifying! Great story! Have a Merry Christmas!

Michael said...

The way I found to avoid this problem is by gaining weight. I would be a slim 175-180 right now but my ring would practically fall off so I packed on an extra 100, now I can't get the ring off if I want to. :) PS the "secret" is: Cheese puffs, Reeses cups and Hostess cup cakes.

The Cahoons! said...

That is so scary Amy! I would have freaked out too! I'm so glad that Jason found it!

Janelle said...

I'm so glad you guys found your ring! We had something similar happen with Court's ring. He lost it at a bbq competition. He searched for it for hours. Even digging through the trash twice...which, at a BBQ competition can be pretty gross - he had to dig through all the icky stuff he had cut off the meat and all that - NASTY!! Could not find it anywhere. So he went to the store and bought himself a new ring because he couldn't bear not having a ring on his finger. He called me and I could tell he was nervous to tell me he had lost his wedding ring. When we were packing up our house, he opened some random cooler that had been stacked in the back of the garage, and there was his ring! We were both so excited to find it! Don't know how it got in that cooler, but we're just glad it's back!

Jarom & Melissa said...

Glad you found it and that your prayers were answered. That would definitely be a nerve-wracking!
-- Melissa