Saturday, December 22, 2007

It finally happened!


I've seen this going around different blogs wondering if I would ever be the "victim" of this tagging hysteria...and bam, it happens. And as much as I think I hate all of this stuff, I really do enjoy answering the questions. Especially when it comes to the love of my life. Thanks Whitney!

1. What is his name?
Jason Lewis Riley
2. How long have you been married? It will be 4 years in May (so we are at 3 1/2 years)
3. How long did you date? We dated for about 6 months and were engaged for a little less than 5 months. If it was up to Jason, it would have been shorter. I, however, had issues. Long story.
4. Who eats more? Sadly, that would probably be me. I can keep up, eating wise, with Jason pretty well, but for a guy, he isn't that heavy of an eater so maybe its not saying much.
5. Who said 'I love you' first? Jason. I remember when I first heard him say it I flushed
6. Who sings better? I feel weird answering this question, but when I told Jason about it he said "no contest" meaning that I am the better singer. But Jason has a really nice bass voice.
7. Who is taller? We are pretty close on that one, but Jason is officially at least 1 inch taller than me.
8. Whose temper is worse? Oh, that would be mine for sure.
9. Who does the laundry? We fight over who has to do it, but we are pretty good to take turns. Who would want to do laundry when you had to go outside and go down two flights of stairs...
10. Who does the dishes? That would be me. Every once in awhile, Jason does surprise me and does them for me. I just LOVE him on those nights.
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? (Looking at it) Me. Don't know why, its just the way it has been.
12. Who does the cooking? Mostly me. But whenever we want breakfast for dinner, or a good bbq, then it is all Jason.
13. Who is more stubborn? Not proud of it, but it would be me.
14. Who proposed? Jason. On top of the Eiffel Tower building in Vegas. Gorgeous view and such an awesome night!
15. Who is more likely to admit when they are wrong? We are actually both pretty good at being able to admit to being wrong.
16. Whose parents do you see the most? It used to be Jason's. We would head over there every Sunday night for dinner. But now, since they moved to Utah, it will be pretty equal since both our parents are in Utah.
17. Who pays the bills? I DO!! When I was pregnant and sick with Kamryn, Jason took over paying the bills and yes, he would pay them on time...but our checkbook was pure chaos when I took over again. Never again. (But I love you honey!)
18. Who wears the pants in the family? We both love wearing pants. Its pretty equal, but every once in awhile things lean my way..
19. Why do you love your husband? Because he's hot! What other reason could there be. Well, I actually have lots of reasons. He makes me feel beautiful, he loves scratching my back, he gives me the best kisses, he enjoys seeing shows on stage, like "Wicked" and "Les Miserables", he takes good care of me when I'm sick, he is a wonderful Daddy to Kamryn and he is a worthy priesthood holder who loves the Saviour. I love you babe!!! :-)

I am tagging: My wonderful sister-in-law, Janelle Fruge and Ashley Cahoon


Whit Ing said...

Nice. Thank you for posting it. I remember doing laundry while living on the 2nd floor. It has been said that I hated the laundry MORE than I hated Satan himself.