Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Enjoyin' the Ride!

So, I'm thinking that since everyone else in Southern California blogged about their earthquake experience, I might as well throw mine in for good measure. Kamryn and I were enjoying a tasty lunch with our friend Karissa at a fabulous hole-in-the-wall mexican place called Patty's. Then the earthquake hits. At first, there was that loud rumbling noise and then came the swaying. Usually, whenever I've been in an earthquake before, the earth feels like its jolting and shaking. But yesterday, I felt like I was swaying. So, everyone in the restaurant just stood in place and looked around as we all swayed with the earth. There was one young girl in there who screamed and then cried for a long time afterward, poor girl. My friend Karissa is not a California native, so she hasn't been through one quite so intense so she was shaken up. And don't get me wrong, my heart was pounding...but I wasn't quite as freaked out as I have been known to get when one hits. I think it actually helped that it was during the day and that I was in public and not alone. I was so calm, that I didn't even grab Kamryn in a panic like I think I normally would have done. She just sat on the chair next to me and we both enjoyed the ride. :-)

So, to all of my dear friends who haven't lived in California that long... Welcome! Let's just hope we've all moved before the dreaded "Big One" hits.


aubrey said...

well first off i'm glad you guys were able to just coast through the earthquake!

i'm going to be back in o.c. for the first time in a few years and i'd love to see you and catch up! i'll be there the 2nd week of august.

email me :)


SmithFamily said...

I am glad I wasn't there to experience that. Hope you guys are doing well!

Mike and Michelle said...

That sounds so scary! I've never felt an earthquake so I don't know what I'd do. By the way, Kamryn looks so cute in her birthday outfit. How is 2 going so far? I'm not looking forward to it, but sometimes I think McKay's already hit it.