Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Pooka!

So, my baby girl just turned 2 today. So, I guess that means she is really not a baby anymore. She is a little person who can talk, sing, spin, and give her Mommy and Daddy lots of kisses. Everytime I look at her, it reminds me of my Savior's love for me. I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy and I know that they have blessed my life immensely. I am so grateful to have been blessed with a wonderful husband and that we were able to have our beautiful red head. She loves me unconditionally even when I lose my patience or get angry....she just asks me "what's wrong Mommy?' and gives me kisses. I love how passionate she is....even if it does make for some intense tantrums when I try to remove her from one of those passions (ie: swing, puppies and the caputer(computer)). She is a driven little girl and she knows what she wants and I hope she carries that passion with her her whole life. :-)

On Saturday, we spent some time at the Johnson Family Reunion where we ate good food, went swimming and reacquainted ourselves with my Dad's side of the family. Here is my sister, Suzanne, my sister-in-law Mary with baby Owen and my cousin, Candy.

I asked my brothers to just stand by the BBQ and do their Jeremy made it look so natural.
After the reunion, we headed back to my house where we celebrated Kamryn's birthday. Most of my family (not all) were in town that weekend for the reunion so I thought we'd celebrate. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts. Kamryn can't stop playing with them. :-)

So Happy Birthday pooka! Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You are our sunshine and we thank HeavenlyFather every night for letting us be your parents. Thanks for making our lives more complete!


Buckeye Bosleys said...

Amy you've got a cute little girl there. I can't believe her red hair- SO CUTE! Happy Birthday Kamryn!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Kamryn!

Heath'e' said...

Wow, can't believe she's two already! Happy birthday cute one!!

Darin, Jenn and Ivy Warnick said...

Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart! Sorry my pictures aren't bigger I just copied them from Steph's flickr.

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday little girl! I can't believe it's already been two years. I remember holding you the day after you were born. Crazy how fast time flies. Happy Birthday!

Stoic Niche said...

feliz cumpleanos roja! so jay, still waiting for the foot pedals and keyboard but i got my brand new ibanez geetar at guitar center for 200. no esta mal eh? also waiting on a studio mic and headphones. ill send you pics of my "studio" room later. send my love to the fam, expetiali tu yur leetl rojita