Friday, July 04, 2008

Palm Desert....a vacation of deceit and plenty of heat!

Our little family got to spend a few days in Palm Desert to help my Mom use up a timeshare. It was a pretty relaxing two days and from these pictures, you'd think that it was full of all smiles and laughter. Oh, these pictures can be deceiving. (but isn't this one darling!!)

It started out great when we found the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at the mall. Kamryn loved the books and the stuffed animals and was just having a great time. Then, I went to go buy a book while Jason had the assignment of nicely putting back one of the stuffed animals she had found. As I was purchasing the book (on the other side of the store, mind you) I heard a scream that only a banshee could compete with. I hurried up my purchase and when I got to Jason, our little daughter was in the midst of a meltdown. It seems we couldn't get out of there fast enough (and it seemed everyone seemed to want to help "those poor pathetic parents." I'm sure they weren't thinking that exactly, but it felt like it).

Well, fortunately we got her to calm down and we wondered if we should head to lunch...but no, instead of being logical and feeding her lunch (since meltdowns mostly occur when children are tired and hungry...which she was both since she had woken up at 6am (not usual for her) and hadn't eaten since breakfast) we decide to put her in another volatile situtation. The playground at the mall! Well, it started off peachy.....

She loved this car and would keep coming back to it. Well, at one point another child discovered the car so when Kamryn came back and saw this, her tired and hungry mind couldn't comprehend why someone was in her car so she commenced to push the child out. We gave her a warning and successfully distracted her with a blue car. But, she came right back to the other car and commenced her pushing and hitting of the other child. So, we had to follow through with our warning and remove her from the playground. Wow, if we thought the last tantrum was bad...this one takes the cake of all children's tantrums all over the world. We couldn't even get her in the stroller this time so I attempted to carry her. Ouch. She hit, bit, scratched, screamed bloody murder so I had to pass her off to Jason who had it just as bad. We managed to get her in the car seat and when we got back to our room we put her right to bed and she passed out. We thought, at that point, we would never leave the room again. But, luckily, we realized that confinement probably wasn't the healthiest option.

So we ventured out to the pool and it went wonderful! She was rested, well fed and had a great time!!! And so did we. It was a wonderful note to end our vacation on.


Steph said...

Don't worry, I'm sure at least some of the people in the bookstore were like, been there, done that. You've got yourselves a firecracker there!

Steph said...

Kamryn, Hi. I talk with Kamryn. I have an airplane.

That was Diego. I asked him what he wanted to say to Kamryn after seeing her pictures, and that's what he said!

Jarom & Melissa said...

Love the Barnes and Noble story. I'm sorry. But she's still the cutest and the sassiest red head we know.
-- Melissa

Sarah said...

WOW ! Most parents can relate. Brooklyn had a similiar tantrum today @ Toy's R Us today when I would not buy her a watch that she wanted. No kicking or biting but plenty of screaming and loud crying. I too had to be firm and tell her that she lost priveleges (sp?) which for her meant no going to the gym daycare with me that day. I am trying to be one of those "you have one chance to behave" type moms. I am still working on staying strong with it. Oh Motherhood !