Saturday, April 26, 2008

Disneyland again Mommy???

Disneyland again and many more times now because Mommy has a pass!! After some persuasion from my friend Kathy and a story told by Thomas S. Monson (read this months Ensign) I decided to use my Disney reward points (earned by my Visa) to get a Disneyland pass. Jason still doesn't have one, but lucky for us, if he ever does have time to go we have some friends who can get him in free. Anyhow, I was so glad I did it because we had a great time last Thursday and we can't wait to go again next week. :-) Thanks Kathy and Gaye for a wonderful time!


themayerfamily said...

I love Disneyland! and it's so much fun to share with your kids. We had a pass for a couple of years and I don't regret going at least weekly. enjoy it befor ethey turn three--the land of paying for two tickets:)