Sunday, April 13, 2008

We are so proud of Aunt Kristyn!

We were so excited last week when Kristyn's book, "Cool Daddy Rat," was delivered to our door. Jason's sister, Kristyn, is a newly published children's book author and let me tell you....she is gifted. Her first published book is so cute and fun to read. Jason had a very special moment reading the book to Kamryn. Here are some pictures and even a video of Jason reading part of this jazzy story. :-) are so talented and we can't WAIT to get your next book this summer, "Bedtime at the Swamp."


Jarom & Melissa said...

We'll have to go buy this book for Bryson now.

Stoic Niche said...

wow. she is a red head for realz. mankiller that one.