Monday, April 21, 2008

Kamryn and Kameryn

My good friend Paige and I were pregnant at the same time with girls. We hadn't seen each other in a way and towards the end of our pregnancies we were talking on the phone about what we were going to name our future daughters. We were both shocked and dismayed that we had chosen the exact same name without ever discussing this earlier ever. But we both decided we would go ahead with the names we chosen because we both felt really strongly about them. So, now we both have a Kamryn...with the only difference being that Paige's daughter has an "e" thrown in hers. I think our daughters get confused sometimes but when they get older, they'll figure it out. So, here are some pictures of the two Kamryn's at Paige's beautiful home in Laguna Niguel.


Melissa said...

How fun! The girls are way cute together. I remember I was a good friends in kindergarten with another girl named Melissa. We had to go by "Melissa H" and "Melissa S" throughout our school years.

Steph said...

Okay so I'm sitting here reading your blog and Diego comes up behind me and says, "Kamryn! Kamryn!" Cute, huh!