Monday, August 11, 2008

August Happenings

So far, August has been a good month. There was the Concert in the Park, where our friends, the Hartmans, joined us. We had a great time and the music was awesome. "The Answer" never disappoints.

Kamryn is struggling to stay put for a picture.

I took Kamryn to the park last week, and she actually requested to get off the swing to go play on other toys. That's a rare happening for my little girl. Of course, she ended up right back on the swings to end the little excursion but at least she made some improvement.

Here's Jason and I waiting for Ron and Karissa. They were nice enough to invite us to go to The House of Blues to go see a U2 Tribute Band called "Under a Blood Red Sky." The band was awesome and I was extremely impressed. We wished we could have stayed longer, but they had an opening band, who did Pearl Jam covers, play for an hour and then a half hour break. So the U2 band didn't even get up there until 9:30. So, we could only stay for the first hour, where they played a bunch of songs from "War" and some other oldies. Our friends, the Livingstons, were letting Kamryn crash in their kids room while we were gone so we needed to get back. If anything, this concert just made me all the more determined that when the time comes, I will be at the next U2 concert no matter what.


Kreesa said...

Aww! That's a cute picture of the two of you!

You forgot to mention the crazy drunk guy. He almost fell on top of me!! I could have died! I might be exaggerating. :/

We had a great time!

Amy said...

I did forget to mention the crazy drunk guy. He was crazy and very drunk and kept shoving me out of the way and then would lean down and get right in Karissa's face and start mumbling something or other. Creepy!

themayerfamily said...

Lucky! It sounds like Aug. is going VERY well. And that does sound like a creepy guy!

Sarah said...

You look beautiful in that pic Amy. Good to hear you guys are making the most of the summer.:0)

Jarom & Melissa said...

fun fun fun. concerts are always worth the money to me if you love the band. I can't wait for Coldplay in November!


Amanda said...

I don't comment often, but that really is the cutest picture of you two. Put that one in a little frame!