Friday, August 29, 2008

Bring out the Rally Monkey!

Last night, our little family headed out to attend an Angels Game. I'm trying to make it a point that we attend at least one Angels game each season...I guess I would like it to become a tradition of sorts. Anyhow, Jason and I were a bit nervous about bringing Kamryn to a game. The last time we went, Kamryn was a year old and was pretty content to sit on our lap and look around. Plus, she didn't talk quite as much. So, we worried this night would be challenging...but I'm happy to report that she did great. And she was enthralled with all that was going on around her. I mean, just look at this happy face! :-)

Kamryn is clinging to Jason in this picture. They let off some fireworks in the beginning of the game and obviously, the noise doesn't thrill her.

Kamryn got really happy by the end of the night when they brought out the RALLY MONKEY!!! She loved seeing the monkey on the big screen and watching everyone wave their own rally monkeys. She kept saying "Go Monkey!" (We had her saying "Go Angels" earlier, so she improvised).

Jason and I just enjoying a night out with our family. Oh, and we enjoyed watching the Angels come back from a 3 run deficit in the eighth inning to win the game, 7-5. GO ANGELS! (and go rally monkey....he works like a charm every time).


The Cahoons! said...

How fun! Jeremy and his 6 year old son Jaden was at that game as well. Before they left, Jaden prayed that the Angels would win!

Mike and Michelle said...

How cute! That sounds like a lot of fun.