Sunday, August 03, 2008

Those who can...come join us tomorrow night!

Our little family plans on going to the Concert in the Park in Claremont tomorrow night to listen to "The Answer." They are a great classic rock band and are one of the most popular bands to come see at these concerts. So I'm inviting anyone to come join us. It really is a good time to hang out, chat, and listen to good music. Hope to see some familiar faces tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully everyone enjoys it. Heather and I can't be there, but we hope all who go love it because The Answer will be breaking up. It is sad but true. The Answer is coming to an end.


Christine said...

We used to LOVE going to those! Wish we could be there!!!

Jarom & Melissa said...

Wish we could be there. But there's a big difference between Claremont and Colorado. Too bad! Hope you had fun.

Anonymous said...

AFter Talking with Van Mosley of The Answer, he said he was tired of the question of their breakup. He is upset at whoever got that announcement out because it was only tentative and now the person who was thinking of leaving isn't. So they probably aren't breakng up. That is from Van Mosley himself.