Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Three Favorite Things of the Week!

1. Swimming- We have gone swimming quite a bit the last couple weeks. This week we went swimming two days in a row and Kamryn has made improvements. She's gone from clinging to Mommy and Daddy in the pool to now hanging out in a special "Fish flotation device" that she borrowed from our friends, the Livingstons. Now we just need to get her to try putting her head in the water and we're on our way to the Olympics.

Just taking a break!

2. Build-A-Bear- I have been wanting to go to this store for many years now, but always felt silly going for myself being a twenty-something adult. But thanks to Karissa and her son, Blake, turning two, we got to go to a Build-A-Bear Party with a bunch of our friends. This store is awesome and we had a great time with everyone and seeing how excited Kamryn was to build a...puppy. I hoped she might choose a bear (since she already has lots of puppies) but it wasn't to be. I can't believe how many outfits they have to choose for these stuffed animals. We tried to convince Kamryn that her puppy, named "Trusty" (greatest cartoon dog in movie history) should wear an "Anaheim Angels" outfit, but she refused to let puppy wear anything. So, we got her a stroller instead. !

Her favorite thing was the "condo." She loved it so much she had to hold it in her car seat...and fell asleep with it basically on top of her. These are the moments I love! Happy Birthday Blake and thanks for the awesome party!

3. Michael Phelps- Usually, I'm someone who likes to root for the underdog. I'm not one for those who dominate a sport and leave no room for others to thrive (ie....Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods). Okay, so obviously I'm not a big fan of Tiger Woods. Something about him rubs me the wrong way and yes, him winning the US Open was pretty amazing with a hurt knee and all (so dramatic) but I was rooting for Rocco to win his first major at over 40 years old. I like to see other athletes get a chance to be great. I make the exception with Michael Phelps. I enjoy seeing him crush the competition one race at a time. I love watching him make history. Reason I like him and not Tiger??? Hard to say, but it seems that Phelps is friendlier, a little goofy and he wears a little less. Go Michael! Way to get the 8 golds! Tiger Woods has nothing on you! :-)


Jarom & Melissa said...

I've always wanted to go to Build-a-Bear, so maybe once Bryson is two, I will go. Hopefully, unlike Kamryn, he'll allow clothes on the stuffed animal. Too funny. I'm also glad that Kamryn will be the next female Michael Phelps. Go Kamryn!

Jarom & Melissa said...

Correction: Tiger Woods is the bomb, and he has more $$$ than Mr. Phelps. However, his races are pretty awesome. MY favorite was gold # 7. .01 seconds of a margin was pretty rad.


Steph said...

We watched all 8 races. It was all pretty amazing. I agree about #7, and the hot and goofy factor.

Amy said...

Oh should never be about the money. Swimming isn't exactly a million dollar sport, but swinging a golf club vs. swimming race after race and breaking world records??? They are probably too different to compare, but in my opinion the Espy should go to Michael Phelps for greatest athlete.

John and Jodi said...

FUN IN THE SUN.. such cute pictures. We just went to build a bear for Anni's birthday it was way fun and crazy that they even have sketchers for the crazy bears!